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Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna
Schonbrunn Palace
Hallstatt Austria
Grossglockner Alpine Road, Austria
Grossglockner Alpine Road
Hochosterwitz Castle
Hochosterwitz Castle
Melk Abbey, Austria
Melk Abbey
Eisriesenwelt Cave, Austria
Eisriesenwelt Cave

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Celtic tribes occupied this land, which was later invaded by Roman Empire. After the fall of the Roman Empire, local tribes showed their presence until Charlemagne overpowered it. In 976, this region was named as Austria. After the World War I Austrian republic came into origination created by St. Germain. In the World War II, nearly all the Jewish people were forced to leave the country or they were killed. After this war, Austria was divided, but could not become an independent country until 25 October 1955 when a treaty was signed. Its capital is Vienna and currency is Euro.

Austria's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Schonbrunn Palace: In the west of Vienna and at a distance of a few kilometers, you will find the spectacular Schonbrunn Palace. This palace was built in the start of 18th-century and has a beautiful park. It is the leading attractions of this country for tourists coming on Austria Tour. The history of this palace dates back to 1569 when Maximillian II used it as his summer palace. It has 1441 rooms constructed before 1734 for the female ruler of Habsburg. It was severely damaged during World War II, which was repaired in 1952.

Hallstatt: If people on Austria Travel want to take a spectacular view of Montaigne Lake, then this is the right place for you. This is situated on the northern part of Dachstein Mountain. This lake is approximately 9 km long and 2 km wide. Its depth is 125 m and on one side Obertraun Steeg and Hallstatt are situated. It is surrounded by wooded slopes and plays a significant role in terms of history.

Grossglockner Alpine Road: This road was constructed between 1930 and 1935. It is said that there was an old Roman road on which they have built a new one. This is the most magnificent roads in the entire Europe. In the present scenario, its importance has slightly declined as a route, but it is still one of the outstanding attractions of the country for people on Austria Holiday. The total length of this road is around 22 km and located at an altitude of 2000 m. This road will take you to Hohe Tauern Mountain. When you visit this road do not forget to stop at the visitors center to get the detailed information about the history of this area. Austria Tourism ministry gives authentic information about its history and other tourists destinations.

Hochosterwitz Castle: This is situated on a height of 160 m near the town of Launsdorf. At present, this is ranked among the list of Austria’s impressive castles. There is a steep road to this castle, which is 620 m long. It has 14 gates and everyone is named and has a beautiful courtyard on the end. You can take guided tours to know more about its history.

Melk Abbey: There are seven courtyards in this buildings and their total length is 325 meters. You will see the portraits of rulers of this country. This building has a marble hall with ceiling paintings, which are showing mythological scenes.

Eisriesenwelt Cave: At a distance of half hour drive from Salzburg, you will see the largest ice caves. It extends over 30,000 square meters. They have discovered 45 km inside the caves, which are in tunnel form. If you take a two-hour guided tour, they will take you to great ice wall and you can see impressive ice formations over there with an ice gate and ice wall of 1775 m.