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Rovaniemi, Finland
Levi, Finland
Kemi, Finland
Tampere, Finland
Suomenlinna Fortress, Finland
Suomenlinna Fortress

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Archeological evidences have proved that this land was inhabited 8500 BC. Artifacts found in this country are similar to Norway and Russia, which dates back to Stone Age. Finland has seen many upheavals from ancient times to modern age.

At the end of the world war, I Finland declared its independence from Russia. Civil war in Finland broke out in 1918 and ended with the victory of Whites over Reds. After the collapse of Soviet Union, this country suffered heavily in monetary terms. After recession, Finland emerged as industrial economy and several new jobs were created in this country. It joined European Union in 1995 and adopted Euro in 2002. Its capital is Helsinki and currency is Euro.

Finland's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Helsinki capital city: This city was designed with the intention to compete with Tallinn (earlier Reval). This was originally located at Vantaa River, but shifted to a new location to get space that is more open. Plague hit this city in 1710 and Russian attacked it several times. This served as an obstacle in its development. The seaport of this city is the main seaport of this country for business.

Rovaniemi: People surprised to know that sun never sets for one night every year in summer. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy a midnight Sun and take part in different celebrations. The opposite happens every year in winter when you cannot see Sun for a full day. In this night when there is no light, you will see a special dark blue light coming down on the snow from sky will mesmerize you.

Levi: Levi City is situated in Kittila region in North of Finland. This is famous for a ski resort and from October to June, you can see tourists are flocking to this place. People coming on a Finland Tour are supposed to know that the nearest airport to this place is at a distance of 15 minutes from this place. You can take part in different summer as well as winter activities throughout the year. This is a perfect destination for a family holiday. The spoken language of this land is Finnish that is why it is imperative to learn a couple of words or phrases before visiting this Lapland.

Snow Castle of Kemi: This is the most sought after attraction in Kemi. If you have visited this snow castle earlier, you may be aware that they rebuild it every year a different theme. Therefore, the tourists coming on a Finland Travel will not see the same thing every year. You along with your family members can take part in a couple of other activities outside the snow castle.

Tampere: This is a big city, but gives the feeling of a small town. More than two lakh inhabitants are living in a friendly and casual environment, which makes most of the visitors comfortable. The location of this city is scenic because it is situated between two lakes, Pyhajarvi and Nasijarvi. If you are coming for a Finland Holiday, check the above tourist destinations to unfurl you.

Suomenlinna Fortress: This is a UNESCO world Heritage site and was shaped in three historical periods, it also contributing in enhancing Finland Tourism. Its foundation stone was laid to safeguard from enemies. You will find different live events and restaurants at this place. This place gives a unique experience for people of all ages.