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Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Brandenburg Gate
The Black Forest, Germany
The Black Forest
Museum Island, Berlin
Museum Island
Schwerin Castle, Germany
Schwerin Castle
Heidelberg Castle, Germany
Heidelberg Castle

Germany Holiday Tour

In the present scenario, Germany is the largest economy of Europe and plays a significant role in the defense, economic and political fields. During cold war, this country was divided into two parts east and west, German Democratic Republic and Federal Republic of Germany respectively. The eastern part was a puppet of USSR, whereas the west flourished exponentially. After the fall of USSR, the unification of both parts took place.

Germany played a key role in starting a common currency and founded European Economic Community in coordination with other founder members. Germany is the capital of Berlin and currency is Euro.

Germany's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Neuschwanstein Castle: People who come on a Germany Tour love this fairytale castle. You can stay in Fussen if you want to explore the beauty of this castle. King Ludwig II built this between 1869 -1886. This has multiple towers and this may be a lesser known fact, but it is believed that this was the inspiration behind the Walt Disney’s castle.

Brandenburg Gate: This gate was built in sandstone for King Frederick William II in 1971. It is based on the model of Acropolis and has a height of 26 meters. You can see four-horse chariot on top of this gate. The total columns are six and forms five passages. Royal chariots used the central passage, whereas the remaining four passages were for public use. There is a building on both the sides, which was used by officials like guards and tax collectors.

The Black Forest: Black Forest tops the list of most sought after upland hills. This forest is situated in the southwestern part of Germany and covers an area of 160 km. People also call it a hiker’s heaven. On the west side, you will see lush green valleys. You will find the oldest ski area of this country at Todtnau. You can take wonderful spa facilities at Baden-Baden. Other highlights are open-air museum and Black Forest Railway.

Museum Island: This museum is the heart of this city and it is has temple like buildings. You can see treasures, which are 6000 years old. In 1999, this was included in list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. People on Germany Travel must remember that there are so many attractions to see in this city and a single day will not suffice.

Schwerin Castle: This is a romantic style building on the Palace Island built in 19th century, ranked among the finest architectural marvels of Europe. Its layout plan is pentagonal and has several turrets and towers. The interior is done with silk wallpaper with other ornaments. You can see ancestral Portrait gallery, smoking room and a throne room. You can take guided tours in your mother language and Germany Tourism will help you in this regard.

Heidelberg Castle: If you are in mood, you can walk to Heidelberg Castle from the old town, you can also board a train. The beauty of German architecture is visible in this 16th century castle. French ruined this castle in 17the century, but still it tops the list of most picturesque ruins in Germany. Annual Heidelberg Castle Festival is held here with firework, and theatrical performances to overwhelm the tourists coming on a Germany Holiday.