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Santorini, Greece
Parthenon Acropolis Athens, Greece
Parthenon Acropolis Athens
Mykonos, Greece
Meteora, Greece
Delphi Theatre, Greece
Delphi Theatre
Mount Athos, Greece
Mount Athos

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The Greece Tour of history will take you back to the Stone Age and to that time when people of Greece became farmers. Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations are among the oldest. In 1100 BC, Dorian invaded this country. The history of Greece is so big that it is difficult to define it in limited words. It has rich culture, the surprising part is Greek civilization has survived until the present day with some changes in it. It is found that history has been first conceived in Greece and Herodotus is known as the "Father of History". Athens is the capital of Greece and its currency is Euro.

Greece's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Santorini: Santorini better called as Thera. Several photographers and painters have immortalized this place in their work. People on Greece Travel can see multi-cultured cliffs and a wonderful sunset, which you may never have seen in your life. This is an island of multi-colours with the contrast. You will see black earth in combination with whitewashed homes and volcanic structures. You can go to Caldera from where you can have an incredible view. There is a myth that Santorini was a city of Atlantis.

Parthenon Acropolis Athens: Even those people who are avid travellers cannot see this top tourist attraction of Greece without being spellbound. Acropolis defines the glorious past of Athens and is a symbol of glory for modern Athens. After seeing this you can have an idea of that culture, which flourished more than two millennia ago. This dates backs to 5th century BC. World over this place is known as the symbol of Athens and Greece. This was originally constructed with 58 columns to support a roof. Other attractions of the city are ancient Agora, Kerameikos, Roman Forum and Olympian Zeus.

strong>Mykonos: Tourists who worship sun and are fun loving, Mykonos is a place they cannot afford to miss. This is an island situated in the Aegean Sea and you will find several restaurants and live entertainment venues over there. People going on a Greece Holiday must visit this place from July to October and its beautiful beaches will attract you like never before. You will find Paradise Beach and other beaches like Elia Beach and super Paradise Beach can be visited by car or boat.

Meteora: You will be surprised to see the centuries-old monasteries situated on the Rocky Mountains. This is also among the world Heritage sites of UNESCO. If you want to reach these monasteries, then you need to be fit enough to climb up the hill. In these monasteries, you will find religious icons and burning incense sticks. These are total six monasteries and at least one day is required to see this area.

Delphi Theatre: This is also among the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. This is situated on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. This was a holy site and people were coming here to worship God of light, Apollo. They were also seeking advice from Oracle. You can see the remains of several temples, stadium and a theatre. Delphi archaeological Museum is situated near to this place and you can see several impressive items here.

Mount Athos: This is situated on an isolated part and this is the reason why this is the most unspoiled part of this country. This is known as Orthodox spiritual center from Byzantine times. Women and children are not allowed to go on this holy Mountain. This is a layout of monasteries and 1500 monks populate around 20 of them. Greece Tourism department is helping tourists and making them aware of their rich culture and history.