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Geirangerfjord, Norway
Lofoten Islands, Norway
Lofoten Islands
Oslo, Norway
Pulpit Rock, Norway
Pulpit Rock
Hurtigruten Coastal Ferry, Norway
Hurtigruten Coastal Ferry
Alesund, Norway

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Right after ice age gatherers and hunters arrived in this country and settled here. Norway did not support any country during world wars I and II, but even then Nazis did a great harm to this country by ruining its villages to crush the resistance. When the war ended, royal family took the power of this land.

The reforms played a significant role in its development. It became a member of European Free Trade Association in 1960. At present, the literacy rate in the country is relatively higher and Norwegians are living a high standard life. Both men and women are the workforce of the country. Its capital is Oslo and currency is Nowergian krone.

Norway's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Geirangerfjord: This is the most beautiful fjord in the world and the UNESCO world Heritage site included it in their list in 2005. It is surrounded by snow Peak Mountains and lush greenery. You can see several wild waterfalls like, ‘the seven sisters’ and opposite to this waterfall, there is ‘the suitor’. You can take a boat for sightseeing and you can also see the waterfalls closely. This is among the most visited tourist destinations in Norway.

Lofoten Islands: This archipelago is famous for its natural beauty; many people want to know what the right time to visit these islands is. There is no such thing as the best time; you can visit it round the year. The best time to visit depends on your priorities. This is a surfing paradise for the people coming on Norway Tour.

Oslo capital city: Oslo is a capital city and a hub for banking and shipping. It harbor is the biggest and busiest in this country. The main industries are consumer goods and electronics. In this city, you will find a long list of attractions ranging from cultural, to historical and museums displaying antiques. People coming on a Norway Holiday will see Viking ship and Opera House in this city. On one side, you will find green mountains, whereas on the other side there is sea. Parliament is also located in this city. This city offers everything, which you never had contemplated before.

Pulpit Rock: If you love hiking, this is the must visit place for you. This is a popular hiking destination of this country and enhancing Norway Tourism. This is a breathtaking platform at a height of 604 meters. It is believed that this 25X25 meters plateau was formed 10000 years back. A crack is seen in the rock, but geologists believe, there is nothing to worry about and it is safe to walk on.

Hurtigruten Coastal Ferry: You cannot go up and down the coast by car or any other vehicle; the only option is to explore the area is by a coastal steamer. This boat will take you to several ports, which you cannot comfortably visit in this deeply cut fjord. If you are coming on a Norway Travel, you cannot afford to miss this.

Alesund: This city has natural and cultural blend to attract its tourists. In the year of 1904, 7 architects were appointed to give a new look to this city, by designing new stone buildings. The reconstruction of this city transformed it and you can see the diversity in its building style. It is believed that this is a magical city from the fantasy world.