Otepaa Tour, Estonia

About Otepaa, Estonia:- Otepaa Estonia is one of the small town set in the hills of South Estonia. The approximate location is 50 Km SouthEast of Tartu and is well-known winter sports center in Baltics and Winter Capital of Estonia. The Oteppa has got it’s name which is Estonia means “Bear’s head” after shape of castle hill which also reminds of a bear’s head. The Bishop Hermann also build the first known brick Castle in Estonia which is “The Stone Fort”. The place is great for hiking along with the paths of Otepaa Nature Park and the landscape of rolling hills, lakes, romantic winding village road and small rivers with ice-fishing competition by the name of “Golden Fish” draws the crowd.

How can reach:- "Otepaa" is famous for skiing resort. It is located in southern of the Estonia country. It is just 213.7 KM distance from Tallinn capital city.

Nearest Airport:- "Tartu Airport" is the nearest airport where tourists can get domestic and to Lithuania flights which is just 35.8 KM distance.

Tallinn Airport (Tallinna lennujaam) is the biggest airport of the Estonia country here tourists can get flights to mostly foreign countries. It is just 209.4 KM distance from Otepaa.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "Tartu Airport" (41.9 KM) to Otepaa skiing resort.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Tartu Airport" (41.9 KM) to Otepaa skiing resort.

Nearest Railway Station:- Tartu (42.5). Daily several trains leave from Tallinn capital city to Tartu city. It is easy and affordable medium to get Otepaa town. Total train travel distance is 163 KM between Tallinn and Tartu.

Tourists attractions:- Natural landscape, hills, lakes, winding village, Rivers, snowmobile riding, skiing, ice-fishing, Leigo Lake Music Festival etc.

Location:- Otepaa Town, Estonia (Southern).

Otepaa Weather Temperature:-

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -8.1 -8.1 -2.8 -2.8 7.8 7.8 7.8 7.8 7.8 2.2 -4.1 -4.1
Average High (℃) -2.2 -2.2 7.0 7.0 18.7 18.7 18.7 18.7 18.7 9.0 0.5 0.5

Nearest Accommodations:- Edgari Guesthouse (+372 5343 4705), Hotel Karupesa (+372 766 1500), Tehvandi Hotell (+372 766 9500), Murakas Hotel (+372 731 1410), Piiri Holiday House-Luxury (+372 513 7577), Nuustaku Villa (+372 5367 6666), AL Puhkus (+372 509 6619), Hotel Karupesa (+372 766 1500), Tehvandi Hotell (+372 766 9500), Tamme Guesthouse (+372 5624 4748), GMP Clubhotel (+372 501 0504), GMP Clubhotel - Luxury (+372 501 0504), FIE Urmas Tikker (+372 5341 2872).

Distances from Otepaa Skiing Resorts:-

Tallinn City : 216.0 KM

Tartu City : 44.2 KM

Narva City : 222.3 KM

Parnu City : 159.7 KM

Kohtla-Jarve City : 183.0 KM

Viljandi City : 85.2 KM