Alhambra Palace, Spain
Alhambra Palace
El Escorial Madrid
El Escorial Madridn
Sagrada Familia Barcelona
Sagrada Familia Barcelona
La Rambla Barcelona
La Rambla Barcelona
Running of the Bulls Pamplona
Running of the Bulls Pamplona
Plaza Mayor Madrid
Plaza Mayor Madrid

Spain Holiday Tour

There was a time when Spain was the largest empires on the face of earth. Spain is situated in south-west of Europe and the share its borders with France and Portugal. This country was predominantly Catholic, but was also ruled by Muslims. At present, Spain has several distinct groups, which is making its culture rich. Political entity was not formed at once in this country, but it is a result of several processes, which took place in centuries. Spain was neutral in the World War I and II. It joined the European Union in 1986. Madrid is the capital of Spain and its currency is Euro.

Spain's most famous Tourist destinations:

The Alhambra: This is located on a plateau in southern Spain. This is a magnificent palace built by Nasrid sultans in 14th century. At present, it is one of the top tourist destinations of Spain. A large number of people come on a Spain Tour to visit the city of Granada only to see Alhambra. This complex has several buildings in it, towers, gardens and a mosque. The adjoining palace was constructed for Emperor Charles V, but cannot be completed. This is in an unfinished state, but still it serves as a marvel of high renaissance architecture in Spain.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial: It is situated in the north-west of Madrid. Kings of Spain used it as their summerhouse. In 1563, the construction of a huge complex began. This included a Royal Palace, mausoleum, library, museum monastery and church. This includes 16 courtyards and 16 km of corridors, which is connected to rooms and other part of the structure.

This building looks more like a fortress than a monastery. Juan de Herrera designed it with Spanish Baroque details. People coming on a Spain Travel must visit this magnificent building.

Sagrada Familia : This is an unfinished church located in Barcelona. Antoni Goudi was the chief architect who designed it in a Catalan style. His work on this building is acknowledged by UNESCO world heritage site and they have included it in their list. In 2015, it was announced that 70% of the construction is complete. This is the last phase of the construction as six towers has been raised. It is estimated that the construction of this church will be completed in 2026. Government is not giving monetary support in the construction of Sagrada Familia. In order to bear the construction expenses, the money is collected by selling the tickets to tourists.

La Rambla Barcelona : La Rambla is a famous landmark, which most of the tourists remember. This is a pedestrian Boulevard, which is always crowded with people. This lively promenade goes through the heart of the city and known as one of the most happening places of Barcelona. The total length of La Rambla is 1.2 km; this can be divided into two parts, seedy and non-seedy areas. This street serves as a tourist magnet as tourists are flocking to this place. You will find several cultural centers and theatres in La Rambla displaying Catalan culture. In 1703, first time the trees were planted on both sides of this promenade. The plantation was repeated in 1832 and 1859.

Running of the Bulls Pamplona : The running of the Bulls is a practice in which a group of untied bulls chases the people. Bulls of Toro bravo breed are used in this 9-day festival. This festival is held every year in Pamplona in the honor of St Fermin. Traditionally the same festival is held in other towns and villages of Spain.

The first rocket is fired around 8 AM to alert the runners. The second rocket is an indication that the Bulls are free to run. The total length of this run is 875 m and it passes through the old part of the city. Every year between 50 - 100 people are injured in this run.

The Great Mosque of Cordoba (Mezquita): Mezquita means mosque in Spanish, this is an astonishing building known for arches and pillars. Originally, this was a roman temple, which was turned into a Visigothic church. When Umayyad Moors came into power, they built Mezquita in this building. After reconquering this country, a cathedral was built in this Moorish building.

The Sagrada Familia: The Sagrada Familia is a famous tourist destination in Barcelona. This is located in the northern part and listed with UNESCO. It has 18 Spindy towers and its official name is Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia.

Ibiza: This is one of the prettiest villages; you will not forget this place for the rest of your life. It displays a dreamy scene of whitewashed houses with the waterfront. UNESCO has listed Dalt Vila as the old town and this was the original mediaeval city. Spain Tourism department is facilitating the tourists and they ensure visitors do not face any kind of issue during their visit.

Casas Colgadas: This is one of the UNESCO's world Heritage sites and hanging houses are a famous tourist attraction. The houses have their balconies on the Cliffside. The house on the left side is called Casa de la Sirena (House of the Mermaid). Tourists coming on Spain Holiday will love this mesmerizing place.