The Matterhorn Zermatt, Switzerland
The Matterhorn Zermatt
Lake Geneva Jet d'Eau, Switzerland
Lake Geneva Jet d'Eau
Zurich, Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland
Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Bern, Switzerland
Interlaken, Switzerland
St. Moritz, Switzerland
St. Moritz
Chateau de Chillon, Switzerland
Chateau de Chillon
Lake Lugano Ticino, Switzerland
Lake Lugano Ticino
Oberalp Pass via Glacier Express, Switzerland
Oberalp Pass via Glacier Express
Rhine Falls, Switzerland
Rhine Falls

Switzerland Holiday Tour

Helvetians originally populated this place. It came under the Roman Empire and under roman influence; its civilization earned a high position in the fields of commerce. After romans, Germanic tribes invaded this place and its influence is still visible in the language of that part. Several parts of present day Europe came together to form Switzerland. In 1648, this was recognized as a nation by its neighboring countries. Switzerland managed to stay neutral in World War I and II. Nearly all the major powers of the world respected its neutrality. Bern is the capital of Switzerland and its currency is Franc. Its neighboring countries are Italy, Germany, France and Austria.

Switzerland's most famous Tourist destinations:

Zermat: This is a small town and a famous spot for the skiing and mountaineering because the highest mountain range, Matterhorn, is near to it. People on Switzerland Holiday are supposed to know that gasoline vehicles are not allowed in this city; only battery-operated vehicles are permitted to move within the city limits.

Lake Geneva: This is among the largest lakes in Europe. The geography of this part is varied, you will see Jura Mountains range in the northern part and in the south-west you can see the Alps, whereas in the center a hilly plain. There are many opportunities for hiking and skiing. People on Switzerland Travel can also take part in fun activities in or around the lake.

Zurich: Zurich is the biggest city of Switzerland. Educational institutes and different cultural activities define the character of this city. Zurich has 1.9 million inhabitants. The chain of hills and lakeside location will leave you spellbound. Natural beauty of this city is world-famous and this a visual delight for every tourist. In terms of quality of life, this city enjoys the top position in international rankings of cities.

The old town area has several bars and restaurants along the lake. Annual Zurich Theatre spectacular is among the most famous European festivals. Tourists can opt for a travel pass known as Zurich card. Travellers will get unlimited travel by bus train, tram and cable car along with a couple of other benefits.

Lucerne: This area is German speaking and has lake and mountains, which enhances its beauty. This city is considered as one of the prettiest cities in the world and you will see 14th century Chapel Bridge and a water tower in this city. Both of these destinations are attracting visitors from every part of the world. Both are among the most photographed monument in Switzerland.

Jungfraujoch: This is an alpine attraction situated at an altitude of 3454 m. This viewing point is located between Jungfrau and Monch mountains. These mountains are in the list of UNESCO natural world heritage property. The only way to reach there is by cogwheel train and the train station is the highest in the Europe. In order to reach the Sphinx observatory, you can use a lift. Tourists can enjoy 360 degree view from here. You can also visit an ice place and there are several ice sculptures. You can satisfy your taste buds here, as there are multiple restaurants. You can go out in the snow and enjoy the breathtaking view of glaciers or indulge yourself in skiing, sledging or snowboarding.

Bern Capital city: This is a mediaeval city and its history dates back to the 12th century. Until 16th century, it was not a part of Swiss confederacy. The most famous attraction of this place is Zytglogge. This is an old tower and you can see moving puppets over there. Other popular sites of the city are a Gothiac Cathedral, Munster, and the town Hall. Four miles of arcades makes it the longest covered area for shopping. People coming on a Switzerland Tour love to do shopping here.

St. Moritz: St. Moritz and Alpine resort is situated at a height of 1800 m above sea level. This is a famous resort town located in Engadine in Switzerland. There are restaurants, which are of international standards. These restaurants have set standards in nearly every category. You can do the shopping in Via Serlas. This is a small, but great shopping place. This is a wonderful place for traditional hiking and mountain biking. Tourists can indulge themselves and windsurfing, kite surfing, mini golf, sailing, and horse riding. St Morits Polo World Cup on Snow is a winter polo tournament held every year and this attracts more than 1500 spectators.

Lugano: This place is also known with its nickname the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland”. Celebrities from around the world are flocking to this place and this is the reason why this place got this nickname. The city is situated on the lake Lugano and this part is Italian-speaking area of the country. The city has warm summer and has several Swiss heritage sites; this includes libraries, museums and cathedrals. Several financial institutions are in this city and Lugano Festival is held every year in summer. Switzerland Tourism ministry is organizing to make tourists aware of their culture.

Oberalp Pass via Glacier Express (Glacier Express): This is a direct train, which moves from Zermat to St. Moritz. Glacier Express is known as the slowest train in the world despite being an express train. The entire journey takes around eight hours. The astonishing natural beauty mesmerizes travellers as this train passes through the narrow valleys and 91 tunnels. Travelling on Glacier Express is not only mesmerizing it is comfort table. Travellers have an option to between first and second-class coaches. The train is air-conditioned and windows are panoramic. You cannot enjoy the ride in Glacier Express for a few weeks from late October to mid-December because of snowfall.

Jungfrau Region: This is a wonderful place to visit in both summer and winter. Before a century, only hard-core adventurers or those people who were interested in climbing the mountains visited this region. Nowadays, you will find an extensive network of Railways and foot and bike paths are also maintained there. This makes it accessible for different types of travellers. You can also enjoy the most scenic train trip, which takes visitors from Klaeine Scheidegg mountain to Jungfraujoch.