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Hagia Sophia Istanbul, Turkey
Hagia Sophia Istanbul
Library Of Celsus, Turkey
Library Of Celsus
Cappadocia, Turkey
Pamukkale, Turkey
Pamukkale, Turkey
Bodrum Castle, Turkey
Bodrum Castle
Mount Nemrut, Turkey
Mount Nemrut

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This part of land was first populated in 7500 BC. Different cultures have their influence on this country and this includes Greeks, sun worshippers, and Byzantines.

The Ottoman Empire ended in 1920 when a revolution led by Mustafa Kemal was started. This was the time when Turkish society reinvented itself and this was the time for a new Turkish Republic. After this, Constantinople was given a new name Istanbul and women were allowed to vote. Even in the modern Turkish society, Ataturk is considered a hero. There are incidences of clashes between Kurdish fighters and the Turkish armed forces. Its capital is Ankara and currency is Turkish Lira.

Turkey's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Hagia Sophia: Hagia Sophia is an architectural beauty and enjoys a reputable position in the Ottoman Empire as well as in the time of the Byzantines. This is a historic building, which has served as a church and then a mosque. At present, there is a museum in this building and you can see the influence of the Byzantines and Ottomons over there. This building was constructed in a short span of six years. This beautiful building is 1480 years old and located in the heart of Istanbul.

Library Of Celsus: This is considered as one of the most beautiful and well-designed structures in Ephesus. This library was built in the honor of Julius Celsus Polemaenus. He was the governor of the Roman state; after his death, he was buried under the ground floor of this library. There are nine steps to the entrance and three big doors. People on Turkey Tour can see the thick pillars, the statues of wisdom, fortune and intelligence.

Cappadocia: This place is so beautiful that people call it a fairytale land. If you are coming on Turkey Holiday and want to see the miracles of nature wonder, then you need to visit Cappadocia. This is a historic place and most visually striking region of Turkey. You can see the beautiful caves and chimneys, which are formed by erosion. People coming on Turkey Travel must visit painted cave churches. You can also take part in hiking and enjoy a hot air balloon ride.

Pamukkale: This is a natural wonder and the most visited site in Turkey. This place is also known as "Cotton Castle" in Turkish. This is a protected UNESCO World Heritage site. Before they included it in their list, this place was in danger of being neglected. This is a wonderful place to visit for a mineral bath, calcium enriched water, which is coming from a spring.

Bodrum Castle: This is a wonderful location in Bodrum peninsula and this is known as castle of St. Peter. This castle has served as a military base and a prison in its past. At present, there is a museum of Underwater Archaeology in this castle. This castle was built in the 15th century and a perfect example of a mediaeval castle.

Mount Nemrut: Mount Nermut is situated in the southeastern part of Turkey. You can see the remains of the tomb of Antiochos. The colossal stone heads, the statues of Persian and Greek gods can be seen here. This place is also considered as the eighth wonder of the world. Most of the important monuments of Commagene can be seen at this place and it contributing a lot in Turkey Tourism.