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Okinawa Island Japan Trip Destination

Posted : 13-Oct-2019

Okinawa Island Japan Trip is in the southernmost prefecture which consists of small dozen islands in the southern half of the Nansei Shoto and it stretches about one thousand kilometers from Kyushu to Taiwan. The Okinawa islands which has subtropical climate and the temperatures barely fall here below 15 degrees in winter. The seas which surround the Okinawa’s island has more beautiful coral reefs along with abundant marine wildlife. The island which makes Okinawa prefecture are also known as Ryukyu islands which is named after the native culture and is different from the rest of Japan in terms of language, cuisine and also related to arts.

If the cuisine is to be find for the best of the dining then the Makishi public market off to Kokusai Dori along with Naha’s main artery which includes serving of goya i.e. the bitter melon along with shikuwasa which is a citrus fruit adds to the eating habits of Japanese people. Also, the sea food is one of the prominent habits of people and the coffee as the beverage is found to be some important way to get the early morning start. The centre of the Former Ryukyu Kingdom with largest and most populous island in the Okinawa Prefecture is also the largest and most populous island but the southern tip of the island is less densely populated. It also adds to the enjoyment for the adventure loving people as it is mainly covered by the forested hills and small fishing and farming villages and the next thing which is found to be on a prominent basis is the US Military bases which is at Okinawa Honto. The country has many of the top attractions in Okinawa island which could be identified as follows: Okinawa Island Japan Trip package is well idea to visit Island holiday destination.

Chuarumi Aquarium: This is the Japan’s best aquarium with a huge tank and various kinds of fish from shark to all other aquatic animals.

War Memorials: The peace park and other war related sites are found at war memorials which gives the people a remembrance of the past which was from World war I & II to other wars which was fought by Japanese.

Sefa Utaki: One of the most famous and sacred sites in Okinawa is visited by many for some peace and tranquility.

Hiji waterfall: The Hiji waterfall is found through the hiking trail through the forest trail to waterfall adding to the adventures.

Ocean Expo Park: The Ocean Expo Park is found to bean amusement park with lots of added attractions.

Thus, all the aspects of Japan could be found by Okinawa Island Japan Trip making it one best place to enjoy the tour.

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