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Sagamihara City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 23-May-2022

About Sagamihara city destination: Sagamihara city is located in sothern of the Tokyo city which is also a part of the Greater Tokyo region. Sagamihara city has green land in half part and other half part has urban residential area. The River Sagami crossed to the Sagamihara city which also make city more environment friendly. Sagamihara city is a good destination to explore local area of the Japan country which culture, social, economy, modern activities etc. Sagamihara city is just 47.8 KM distance from Tokyo city centre which is good connected to other domestic places via air, road, train and water transport.

Sagamihara city is situated in southern of the Greater Tokyo region which is well connected to other Japanese places via air transport, water transport, road transport and train transport. Sagamihara city is exact 48.0 KM far from Tokyo capital city, Osaka commercial city is just 471.5 KM distance, Nagoya city is just 321.7 KM distance, Kyoto city is just 426.5 KM distance, Kobe city is just 494.4 KM far and Niigata city is just 335.1 KM distance.

Japan tour is a well plan to enjoy holiday and watch country modern life, social culture and economy activities. Japan country is places in eastern of the Earth which neighbour countries ae South Korea country, North Korea country, China country, Russia country and Taiwan country. Japan country central capital city is Tokyo which is also a coastal city and largest populated city. Japan country around has only sea water where doses not connect any other country land border. Generally, Japan country local people live their life with modern technology. Japan tour trip and Europe tour trip .

How can come to Sagamihara city: Sagamihara is good jointed to other Japanese places via air transport, water transport, train transport and road transport. other countries passengers can come to Japan country via air transport and water transport. Tokyo city has the busiest international airport and busiest seaport.

Hashimoto Station - Train station: Hashimoto Station is a local railway station where people can get trains to other Japanese domestic places. Japan country has excellent train transport network to comfort transport.

Haneda Airport - International airport: Haneda Airport is the main international airport of the Tokyo capital city where people can get flights to all over world. Haneda Airport is the busiest airport of the Japan country.

Hinode Pier - Ferry terminal: Hinode Pier is the central seaport where people can get air flights to overseas countries. Japan country all mostly cities are also as the coastal city where has good water transport.

Sagamihara city tourists attractions: Sagamihara city has several famous places to visit which some are Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest - Amusement park, Mount Jinba - Mountain peak, Hinokihoramaru - Mountain peak, Sagamihara-Asamizo Park - City park, Mount Oyama - Mountain peak, Mt. Mishotai - Mountain peak, Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, Mount Hiru - Mountain peak, Kanagawa Prefectural Nanasawa Forest Park, Shiokawa Falls, Ogino Athletics Park - City park, Mt. Yakiyama - Mountain peak etc.

Sagamihara city famous Restaurants & accommodations: Sagamihara city has lots of famous hotels accommodations to stay safe and secure. Sagamihara city some famous restaurants are Right Food Restaurant On - Rider’s Place FROG PIT - Restaurant, Rider's Caffe Story, Shu - Restaurant, La Plaque - Restaurant, Huckleberry - Restaurant, Indian restaurant saino, Sam’s 3 halal restaurant - Sri Lankan restaurant, Madam Restaurant & Pub - Restaurant, Tonbo Korean Restaurant etc.