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Saint Peter's Square Rome Europe Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 29-June-2022

About The Saint Peter's Square Rome Destination: St. Peter's Square is a famous destination in Vatican city near of the Rome city in Italy country, Europe. The Saint Peter's Square was built in 1586 which designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini .

  • Saint Peter's Square Location: Vatican City, Europe.
  • Saint Peter's Square Address: 00120 Vatican City.
  • Saint Peter's Square Opened Year: 1667
  • Saint Peter's Square Architect: Gian Lorenzo Bernini.
  • Saint Peter's Square Ticket Price (Entry Fee): FREE.
  • Saint Peter's Square Timings (Open Hours): 7.00 am to 7.00 pm

How Can Reach to The Saint Peter's Square Rome: It is located in Vatican city of the Italy country which is just near of the Rome city. Rome city is well connected to all over world via air transport and water transport. Passengers also can come to Rome city from other Italian and other European places via air, road, train and water transport.

By Air Transport: Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is the main airport of the Rome city where people can get air flights to other foreign countries and Italy domestic places also.

By water Transport: Port of Civitavecchia is the nearest Sea harbour of the Rome city where people can get water transport services to foreign countries.

Things to Do near of The Saint Peter's Square Rome: travelers can do many types of the things to do in Rome city which some are adventure and recreation types like walking at Saint Peter's Square, prayer in historical churches of the Vatican city and Rome city, watch historical building & monuments which were built during the Roman Empire period, explore local life style of the Italian local people, eat local Italian foods, shopping gifts in central markets etc.

Tourists attractions near of the Saint Peter's Square Rome: travelers can visit several famous places in Rome city which some historical and some modern places such as the following.

Attractions near Saint Peter's Square: Obelisco di Piazza San Pietro - Historical landmark, Maderno Fountain, Bernini Fountain, Tourist Information Office, Sistine Chapel - Catholic church, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican Necropolis - Historical landmark, Ufficio Scavi - Historical society, Tomb of Saint Peter, Museo del tesoro di San Pietro - Art museum, Fontana di Piazza S. Marta al Vaticano - Fountain etc.

Other attractions in Rome city: Fontana dell'Aquilone - Fountain, Gallery of Maps - Museum, Giardino Quadrato (o giardino segreto) - Garden, Braccio Nuovo - Museum, Chiesa di Sant'Anna dei Palafrenieri - Catholic church, Chiesa di San Pellegrino - Catholic church, Church of Saint Mary 'in Traspontina' - Catholic church, Church Holy Spirit in Sassia - Catholic church, Congregazione Della Beata Vergine Maria Della Misericordia - Catholic church, Pontifical Urban University, Vatican Museums - Art museum, Castel Sant'Angelo - Castle, St. Angelo Bridge etc. Europe tour vacation is a good idea to Saint Peter's Square trip which is placed in Rome city of the Italy country, Europe. Switzerland tour vacation and UK London tour vacation .

Japan tour vacation is a good idea to Matsusaka city trip which is located in Japan country. Matsusaka city is located on bank of the River Kushida and River Kumozu. Matsusaka city south side also has mountains rage which famous mountains are Mt. Kannon - Mountain peak, Mount Takami - Mountain peak, Tsubonegatake - Mountain peak, Mt. Miune - Mountain peak, Mount Omine - Mountain peak etc.

Matsusaka a coastal city has several famous places to visit which some are Matsusaka Castle Ruins, Matsusakashi Forest Park, Seseragi Park, Moon Beach, Takegawafureai Zoo, Cocopa Resort Club Mie Phoenix Golf Course, Isenakagawa Country Club, Oyatsu Town - Theme park, Gotemba coast, Gotenba Beach, UNIQLO Matsusaka - Clothing store, APiTA Matsusaka-Mikumo Shop - Shopping mall, Matsusaka agricultural park Bell-farm - Botanical garden, Matsuzakashi Sogoundo Park, Saiku Historical Museum - History museum, Site of the Abstinence Palace (Saiku), Prefectural Daibutsuyama Park etc.