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Trevi Fountain Rome Europe Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 3-Oct-2022

About The Trevi Fountain Rome Destination: Trevi Fountain is a popular fountain which is located in Rome capital city of the Italy country, Europe. the Trevi Fountain was built during the 1732–1762 which maximum height is 26.3 metres.

  • Trevi Fountain Rome Location: Rome City, Italy.
  • Trevi Fountain Rome Address: Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Roma RM, Italy.
  • Trevi Fountain Rome Opened Year: 1762
  • Trevi Fountain Rome Architect: Nicola Salvi.
  • Trevi Fountain Rome Ticket Price (Entry Fee): FREE.
  • Trevi Fountain Rome Timings (Open Hours): 24 Hours

How Can Reach to Trevi Fountain Rome: It is situated in Rome capital city of the Italy country, Europe. Rome city is good connected other foreign countries via air and water transport.

By Air Transport: Rome city has the busiest international airport where passengers can get trains transport services to other overseas countries and domestic places.

By train Transport: Roma Termini is the busiest railway station where people can get trains to other European countries along with other Italian destinations.

Things to Do near of Trevi Fountain Rome: people can do lots of activities in Rome capital city which some recreation and adventure types such as watch famous fountains in Rome capital city, watch Rome city famous museums which includes history and art types, watch Rome city historical building & monuments which were built during the Roman Empire, spend time at city's parks, amusement parks & water parks, prayer in city's famous Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri catholic church, walking in Rome city's street to explore local people life, eat Roman delicious foods in local street etc.

Tourists attractions near of Trevi Fountain Rome: people can watch lots of famous places in Rome capital city where has several historical building and monuments such as the following.

Attractions near Trevi Fountain: Palazzo Poli- Historical place, Caffe Roma Gelateria - Ice cream shop, Melograno - Gelato - Pizza restaurant, Madonna dell'Archetto - Place of worship, La Sella Roma - Leather goods store, Cenci B&B Fontana di Trevi, Ristorante Le Tamerici Roma - Restaurant, National Academy of San Luca - Art museum, Central Institute for Graphics - Museum, Oratorio dell'Angelo Custode - Catholic church etc.

Other attractions in Rome capital city: Aqua Virgo Roman aqueduct - Historical landmark, Targa del mondezzaro - Historical landmark, Chiesa di Santa Maria in Via - Catholic church, Vicus Caprarius-the Water City - Archaeological museum, Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio a Fontana di Trevi - Catholic church, Church of St. Rita alle Vergini, Ecclesia S.Ritale - Church, Santa Croce e San Bonaventura alla Pilotta - Catholic church, Quirinal Palace - Historical place, Villa Carlo Alberto al Quirinale - Park, Giardino di Palazzo Colonna sul Colle del Quirinale - Garden, Trajan's Column - Open air museum, Galleria Colonna Museo e Pinacoteca - Museum etc. Europe travel tour is a well idea to Trevi Fountain trip which is located in Rome capital city of the Italy country, Europe. Goa travel tour , Mumbai travel tour , Ooty travel tour and Kerala travel tour

Japan travel tour is a well idea to Koriyama city trip which is placed in Japan country. Koriyama city is located in northern region of the country which is placed on bank of the Lake Inawashiro, Lake Akimoto, Lake Onogawa and Lake Hibara. Koriyama one side has lake and other side has snow cappted mountains which make city more nature beautiful. Koriyama is a good destination in Japan to explore nature and local people modern life.

Near of the Koriyama city has several famous places to visit which some are Lake Inawashiro, Koriyama Culture Park - Amusement park, Koriyama City Museum of Art - Art museum, Koriyama City History Museum - Local history museum, Sukagawa Municipal Museum - Local history museum, Sukagawa Tokusatsu archive center - Museum, Mushitec World - Science museum, Tamakawa Village Hall, Mega Stage Sukagawa - Shopping mall, Eiji Tsuburaya Museum, Furyu no Hajime kan - Art museum, Heisei Kinen Koriyama Kodomo no Mori Park, 21st Century Memorial Park Hayama no Mori, Dream Land - Amusement park, Don Quijote Sukagawa - Discount store etc.