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Troyes City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Temperature Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 29-Apari-2024

About Troyes City destination: Troyes is a modern township which is located in France country of the Europe region. Troyes city is situated on bank of the Seine River where also has lakes and forest which make city more nature beautiful. It is a nice place to explore local France people daily life, social and culture activities.

Distance from Troyes City: Troyes city is very good connected to other French regional places via air, train and road transport.

  • Troyes city is exact 39.5 KM distance from Romilly-sur-Seine town.
  • Troyes city is exact 74.3 KM distance from Auxerre city.
  • Troyes city is exact 210.5 KM distance from Orleans city.
  • Troyes city is exact 246.6 KM distance from Nancy city.
  • Troyes city is exact 121.4 KM distance from Amilly town.
  • Troyes city is exact 127.2 KM distance from Reims city.
  • Troyes city is exact 252.3 KM distance from Metz city.
  • Troyes city is exact 178.3 KM distance from Paris city.

France Tour: It is a well plan to France country tour which is situated in western of the Europe region. Its central capital city is Paris which is the largest populated and economy hub of the country. France country also has some neighbour which are Spain in southern, Switzerland and Italy in south eastern, France in eastern and Belgium country in north eastern and northern in United Kingdom.

Summer and winter both seasons are well to spend time in France while France is a cool climate area land. In winter season also snow fall in some area of the France where also has some skiing resort to winter sports. France is a developed country where people life their life with modern technology. Europe tour trip booking, Japan tour trip and Switzerland tour trip booking.

Troyes City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -0.1 -0.3 2.0 3.7 7.8 10.7 12.8 12.6 9.6 9.8 3.0 0.8
Average High (℃) 6.2 7.7 11.9 15.2 19.5 22.7 25.7 25.4 21.2 16.3 10.1 6.7

How can come to Troyes City: Troyes city is very well connected to other France and European regional places via air, train and road transport.

Air Transport: Troyes-Barberey Airport is the main and regional airport of the city where people can get air flights to other France domestic places.

Road Transport: France country has excellent road transport network which all villages, cities and town connected with high quality road network.

Train Transport: Troyes city has central railway station where people can get trains to other France regional places.

Troyes City tourists attractions: Troyes city has several historical and modern places which some are Parc naturel regional de la Foret d'Orient - Nature preserve, Ancienne Maison Forestiere du Temple, Observatoire du Pic Vert, Grimpobranches Lusigny sur Barse - Amusement center, Moulin de Dosches - Museum, Observatoire de Radonvilliers, Moto Club St Phalois - Off-road race track, Le Cube - Parc des Expositions de - Convention center, Cathedrale Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul - Catholic cathedral, Ponds Fouchy - Park etc.

Troyes City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Troyes city has many luxury and budget hotels to days and nights stay. Troyes city some popular restaurants are La Barge Restaurant, Le Tablier - French restaurant, Pizzeria Guiseppino - Pizza restaurant, McDonald's - Fast food restaurant, Le District - Laser tag center, Le Moine Gourmand - Restaurant, Tour De Pizz - Pizza restaurant, Au Bistro - Restaurant, Claire et Hugo - Restaurant, BAR TOBACCO RED HAT - Bar, Domino's Ste-Savine - Pizza restaurant etc.