Canals of Amsterdam Tour, Netherlands

About Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands:- The Canals of Amsterdam, Netherlands are known for not only the irrigation purpose but the city’s name origin is kept on “Dam” of River “Amstel”.The Amsterdam is known as Venice of the North because it has lovely canals which criss-cross the city and is known for it’s impressive architecture along with 1,500 bridges.The traveler’s can find the culture and history imbibed with the relaxing charm of an old European city which is now considered by UNESCO World heritage site as the canal ring was dug in 17th Century and is still one of the best canal systems.

How can reach:- "Canals of Amsterdam" or "Venice of the North" are spread in more than 100 KM length. It is situated around the Amsterdam capital city. "Amsterdam Airport Schiphol" is the largest airport of the Netherlands country where mostly foreign countries flights are available which is just 16.7 KM distance from city centre. Tourists also come to Amsterdam city via cruise ship from foreign countries. City also has a big sea port. Buses, taxis, metro train and tram services are available in all city.

Nearest Airport:- "Amsterdam Airport Schiphol" is the largest airport of the Netherlands country. It is just 16.7 KM distance from Amsterdam centre. Tourists can get here flights to foreign countries.

Metro Train Services:- Amsterdam city also has Metro trains services with modern style. Tourists can go from one destination to another via metro train. Total number of the stations are 52 and numbers of the lines are 4.

Boat / Ferry services:- Tourists can enjoy of the ferry and boat on canals in Amsterdam city to go from one place to another destination.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "Amsterdam Airport Schiphol" to all Amsterdam city tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Amsterdam Airport Schiphol" to all Amsterdam city tour.

UNESCO World Heritage Site (Canals of Amsterdam):- from 2010.

Tourists attractions:- Medieval wooden houses, historic city centres, Magere Brug, large warehouses, Maritime Museum, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, canal cruises, Canal Bus & boating etc.

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Distances from Canals of Amsterdam :-

Amsterdam City : 3.7 KM

Rotterdam City : 73.4 KM

The Hague City : 60.0 KM

Utrecht City : 43.7 KM

Eindhoven City : 124.1 KM

Groningen City : 182.9 KM