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Cyprus is a small country, but has a rich tradition and history. The first people who populated this land were Stone Age farmers. In 4000 BC, they started to make copper tools and pottery. Romans, Byzantine and Ottomans ruled over this country.

After the Zurich-London treaty in 1960, this country was declared an independent republic. In the present scenario, it is a member of the UN and a member of the Council of Europe and the commonwealth. Its capital is Nicosia and currency is Euro.

Cyprus's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Nicosia capital city: Currently, this city is the capital of North and South Cyprus. This is a densely populated historic city, which has several attractions. People who are coming on Cyprus Tour can pay a visit to old Nicosia, which is a wonderful place. This is the only capital city, which is divided into two parts. Read More...

Paphos coastal: You will find here 27 beaches within the range of 50 km. These beaches offer all the modern facilities, which a tourist may expect. More than 12 beaches of this region were awarded with the Blue Flag title, which makes it more popular. Tourist can take part in several beach activities like beach volleyball, beach soccer and others. You can enjoy mouth-watering delicacies to satisfy your taste buds by stopping at a kebab shop. After you have finished feasting, start exploring the area. Read More...

Limassol: More than 3 lakh people are living in this city. This is located in the southern coast of Cyprus. Paphos and Larnaca are its bordering cities. This city has plenty of attractions to offer for those who are coming on Cyprus Holiday. Whether you are coming to have a relaxing vacation or you want to dig into its history and culture, Limassol can cater all your requirements. This city is contributing a lot in the Cyprus Tourism. Read More...

Kykkos Monastery: A historical Byzantine complex situated in the hills of Pedoulas was founded in the 11th century is known as Kykkos Monastery. The renovation of this monastery began in 1831 because the original structure was destroyed in a fire. You will find that Chapel is ornamented with the Greek Orthodox style from inside as well as from outside. A well-known and most prized artifact makes this monastery as the wealthiest monasteries in Cyprus, is the portrait of the Virgin Mary. It is believed that St. Luke made this portrait.

Agios Lazaros Church: The church of Saint Lazarus is located in the city of Larnaca. This is a 9th century building. According to a belief, Lazarus fled to Cyprus to save himself from persecution and served as Bishop. He had given his services for more than 30 years. This Byzantine style church was built in 1800 with orthodox ornamentation. Right now, this tomb is empty; the renovation took place after a fire broke out in 1970.

Nissi Beach: The best part of this beach is that water is shallow and you do not need to worry about the depth. It will never pass your waist. There are many water sports available on the beach in which you can take part like paddle boating, windsurfing, water skiing and the bungee jumping. Several beach parties are organized here that is why it is an amazing attraction for the new generation. This is a perfect place for those who are in Cyprus Travel and want to party hard.