Lake Baikal Tour, Russia

About Lake Baikal:- Lake Biakal is a rift lake in Russia which is located in the Southern Siberia and is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world. The volume of the lake has the largest freshwater of the world which is about 22-23% and is the seventh largest lake in the world by surface area. The Lake is also declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 and it is also rich in biodiversity. The Baikal seal is found in this lake and it has 85 species of submerged macrophytic vascular plants along with wide range of land mammals are found in nearby habitats along with 263 species of birds as because few people reach here thus making it a natural habitat.

How can reach:- "Lake Baikal" is the largest and deepest fresh water lake of the earth surface. Its nearest city is Irkutsk (66 KM). "International Airport Irkutsk" (60 KM) is nearest airport where Tourists can get here flights to Moscow, Saint Petersburg city and foreign countries. Trains are also available to Moscow at Circum-Baikal station which is just 1.5 KM far from Lake edge.

Nearest Major Airport:- "International Airport Irkutsk" is a nearest airport which is situated just 60 KM distance from Baikkal Hotel (Lake Baikal edge). Tourists can get here international and domestic flights.

Nearest Railway Station:- Circum-Baikal (1.5 KM distance). Trains are direct available from Circum-Baikal to Moscow and other cities of the Russia country. Total travel distance between Circum-Baikal to Moscow is 4266 KM and approx travel timings 3 days 11 Hours.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "International Airport Irkutsk" (60 KM) to Lake Baikal tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "International Airport Irkutsk" (60 KM) to Lake Baikal tour.

Maximum Length:- 636 KM

Maximum Width:- 79 KM

Maximum depth:- 1642 metres

Frozen Time Period:- January to May

Location:- Irkutsk, Russia (Central southern).

UNESCO World Heritage Site:- From 1996

Tourist Attractions:- Olkhon (Island on the lake), Nature Reserves, Seal, Fishing, Mongolian gulls Birds, Beaches etc.

Things to Do:- Boating, River Rafting, Fishing, Cruises on Baikal, Swimming.

Irkutsk Weather Temperature:-

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -21.8 -19.6 -12.2 -2.8 3.6 9.3 13.0 10.9 4.3 -2.5 -11.6 -19.1
Average High (℃) -12.8 -7.8 0.3 9.4 18.1 22.7 24.8 22.2 15.7 7.7 -2.7 -10.6

Nearest Accommodations:- Gostevoy Dom Kottedzh Posutochnyy, Hotel Complex Edem, Guest house Elisey, Baikal Seasons, Kottedzh I Banya Na Baykale, Pribaykal'skaya, Flagman Hotel, Anastasiya Hotel, Legend of Baikal, Arabeska Hotel, Malina Guest House, Dauria Hotel, Belka Hostel, Guest house Herringbone, Mayak Hotel.

Distances from Kremlin Museum:-

Irkutsk city : 66.0 KM

Moscow City : 5,264.8 KM

Saint Petersburg City : 5,734.7 KM

Novosibirsk City : 1,914.9 KM

Yekaterinburg City : 3,499.2 KM

Nizhny Novgorod City : 4,833.8 KM

Kazan City : 4,438.0 KM