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In ancient history, Moldova was also known as Bessarabia. Due to its strategic location, this country was served as a passage between southern Europe and Asia. This was a site for many wars as Greeks, Romans, Bulgars and Mongols have invaded this country.

After Russian and Turkish war, this country was divided into two parts. The southern part was under the control of Russians and western half stayed with Turkey.

After the collapse of Soviet Union, Moldova became independent and in 1991, Moldova joined the Commonwealth of Independent States. Presently, Moldova is a democratic republic, but Communist Party has won many parliamentary seats. Its capital is Chisinau and currency is Moldovan leu.

Moldova's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Chisinau capital city: The name of the city is derived from a Romanian word "chisla noua". At present Chisinau is the largest city and capital of Moldova. You will be surprised to know that this city has its own emblem and flag. More than 7 lakh inhabitants are living in this city. Around 1774, the total population of the city was around 600. People on Moldova Tour will find several places to visit like museums, parks and monuments. This is also known as one of the greenest cities of the Europe. Read More...

Orheiul Vechi: Orheiul Vechi monastery is one of the most visited places in Moldova, but most of the tourists coming here are Orthodox. They visit this place to pay their respects and see the cave church. This monastic dates back to the 13th century. Read More...

Tiraspol city: If you have earlier visited the capital of the Moldova, then you will find this city a quiet place. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, nothing has changed much in this city. You will love to walk on the main street where parliamentary building is situated. You will also see Stalin and Lenin statues and T-34 tank. People who are coming on Moldova Travel from European Union and staying for less than three days, they do not need any visa, but they have to register with the police department. Read More...

Milestii Mici: Less number of tourists is visiting Moldova in comparison with other European countries, but you will be surprised to know that the tourist attraction of this country is registered with book of world records. If you are a wine lover, then you must have heard about Milestii Mici wine cellar. This place was unused until 1960 when someone realized that the abandoned mines are a perfect place to make excellent wine. The humidity and the temperature is perfect in these mines and after a couple of years, this place became one of the largest wineries of the world. This is contributing in Moldova Tourism.

Manastirea Curchi: This monastery is located at the outer skirt of city, around 55 km from the capital city of Moldova. You just need one hour to reach this beautiful place. Oak trees and small lakes are enhancing the beauty of this place. The temples of monastery are a perfect example of new classicism and late byzantine architecture.

Tipova Monastery: This monastery holds a record of being the largest monastery in Europe among cave monasteries. This monastery is comprised of three monasteries. Small lakes and forest surround the area of monasteries. A river is situated nearby forums waterfalls. People coming for Moldova Holiday must visit this place.