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Podgorica Capital city, Montenegro
Podgorica Capital city
Kotor, Montenegro
Budva, Montenegro
Perast, Montenegro
Ostrog Monastery, Montenegro
Ostrog Monastery
Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
Sveti Stefan

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This part of land, which we know as for Montenegro, got its name in the 15th century. This country was ruled by Ottoman Empire and later Theocracy took over, which was ended in 1852. With the end of the World War I, Montenegro became a part of Serb, Croats and Yugoslavia. Montenegro became communist and after the Soviet Union collapsed, this country became a part of Federation of Serbia. They declared their independence in 2006; presently Montenegro is a member of Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization, United Nations and negotiating to join European Union. Its currency is Euro and capital is Podgorica.

Montenegro's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Podgorica: The name of this city, Podgorica, was originated in 1326; this is located amongst five rivers, Sitnica, Cijevna, Ribnica, Zeta and Moraca. This city was destroyed in World War I and this is the reason why people on Montenegro Tour find it comparatively new. This city hosts several cultural events throughout the year. You can pay a visit to historical monuments like Shaht-kula Adzi-pasa Osmanagica, remnants of city of Doclea, Statra Varos and the remains of Nemanjica Grad.

Kotor: The old city is a well-preserved place, which was built between the 12 and 14th century. Several architectural marvels and cultural heritage centers have enabled this city to get a place in UNESCO World Natural and Historical Heritage Site list. Kotor bay is among the most beautiful bays of the world. People on Montegnegro Travel do hear several stories of sailors. This is known as a city of sailors and traders. Every year carnivals and festivals are organized, which attracts tourist from around the globe. This is contributing a lot in Montenegro Tourism.

Budva: The beaches, islands, natural beauty and historic monuments of this place are making it a much sought after destination for people on Montenegro Holiday. Old town of Budva has narrow streets. They have well preserved their buildings like the Church of Sv. Trojica, Sv. Sava, Sv. Bogorodica and the tomb of famous writer Stjepan Mitrov Ljubisa. Its coastal line is 21 km and there are total 17 beaches. In summer, this whole city becomes a theatre where life performances are organized.

Perast: People on Montenegro Travel believe that this place looks like a piece of Venice, which has floated down to this land. Perast is located in Boka Bay. This small town has 16 churches and 17 grand palazzos. From Byzantine Empire to Hungarian and Austrian, everyone has left a mark, enhancing the historical importance of this place.

Ostrog Monastery: People who have visited this place say that this a miracle built by nature and human. Ostrog Monastery is situated on the cliff as they have carved it there, but tourists have an easy access. It is located at a distance of 50 km from the capital city Podgorica.

Sveti Stefan: Sveti Stefan served as a fishing village for a long time, but now, this place has all the modern and luxurious facilities you can expect. This is a small island connected to the outer world by a narrow bridge. Many Hollywood celebrities have visited this island and got mesmerized by it fairy tale beauty.