Levi Tour, Finland

About Levi:- Levi Finland is located in Finnish Lapland and is one of the largest Ski resort in Finland. The resort is located in Kittila municipality and can be reached through Kittila Airport along with Kolari railway station. The Levi has an early stop before reaching FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Circuit and also has resorts along with Levi Ice Hotel & Ice Gallery. The skiing and snowboarding has season in Levi which is fairly long and it often lasts from October to Mid-May.The Ski school provides downhill skiing along with snowboarding and telemark skiing along with cross-country skiing which leads many visitors along with sports enthusiasts to reach here.

How can reach:- "Levi" is the largest resorts tourist place in Laplan Province, Finland country. "Kittila International Airport" (13.2 KM) is the easiest way to access Levi town from European countries and Finland domestic cities.

Tourists also can get Levi tourist place by train from Helsinki city. Nearest railway station is Kolari (82.1 KM). Buses and taxis are available from railway station and airport.

Visit Timing:-

200 days of the year covered all land by snow.

Recorded minimum temperature is −51.5 (℃) on January 1999.

May, June, July, August and September are summer season months .

Tourists attractions:- Sport resorts, nightlife, ice fishing, bog hikes, goose hunting, reindeer rides, snowmobile safaries and husky safaries.

Location:- Kittila city (province Lapland), Finland (Northern)

Weather Temperature:-

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -19.8 -19.8 -10.8 -10.8 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 -3.2 -14.4 -14.4
Average High (℃) -9.4 -9.4 -0.9 -0.9 14.3 14.3 14.3 14.3 14.3 2.9 -5.9 -5.9

Nearest Accommodations:- Chalet Levi President (+358 40 5265959), Hotel Levi Panorama (+358 16 3363000), Levi Hotel Spa (+358 16 646301), Hullu Poro Oy (+358 16 6510100), Levin Alppitalot (+358 20 7866433), Apartment Levi Holidays (+358 10 8350300), Pilvilintu mokki (+358 40 9670001), Levi Holidays (+358 44 5164101), Luisu Oy (+358 45 1625606).

Distances from Levi:-

Helsinki City : 978.5 KM

Espoo City : 991.5 KM

Tampere City : 866.7 KM

Vantaa City : 967.1 KM

Oulu City : 372.7 KM

Turku City : 1018.6 KM

Nearest Airport:- "Kittila International Airport" provides flights services to some European counties and Finland domestic cities. It is just 13.2 KM distance from Levi tourist place.

"Helsinki Vantaa International Airport" (971.1 KM) is the main international airport of the Finland country which connects Finland to all over foreign countries.

Nearest railway station:- Kolari (86.2 KM). Tourists can get here express trains to Helsinki, Turku, Oulu and Tampere cities.

Buses Services:- Buses are available from "Kittila International Airport" (13.2 KM) to Levi town.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Kittila International Airport" (13.2KM) to Levi town.